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SEA Stix Disposable VAPE

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SEA Stix Prefilled Disposable Pod Device 

The new wave of vaping is here and it's disposable. Why are vapers going crazy for these new disposable devices? For many many reasons. First, the Sea Stix is so easy even a monkey can use them. No matter how novice you are to the vaping, you won't have a hard time using them. Just inhale on the device and the device built-in auto-draw will activate. No nothing, just a simple device. Easier than lighting a cigarette.

Available Flavors

Blue Slushie | Fresh Mint | Pina Colada | Pink Lemonade | Pomegranate Lemonade Punch | Sweet Strawberry | Lush Ice | Passion Fruit Orange Guava | Banana Ice

Available Nicotine

5 % (50 mg)


1 x SEA Stix Disposable Pod Device